Strawbale Building in Golden

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back from Greece

After 10 glorious days in Greece, I have returned to a changed house. The radiant infloor heat was installed in the second floor, much of the electrical has been roughed in, much of the upstairs plumbing has been roughed in, the second floor concrete slab was poured, much of the interior framing has been completed and the stairs are in place with temporary treads.

Now I do feel a bit guilty about being gone when all this work was being done (by Keith and all our friends) but I really don't see a need for everyone to be exhausted. And, I was doing important lime plaster research on the islands.

More photos to follow but we're making a big push to be "weathered in" before, well, the weather.

A side note: "anonymous" show yourself! While it may have been hard laying all the tubing for the radiant system, it was hard walking on all those cobblestone streets in Greece. AND, the water was really cold in the Mediterranean.