Strawbale Building in Golden

Monday, March 12, 2007

Snow, snow, snow. For 63 days starting December 21st, we had snow on the ground. Our first snow closed highways, the airport, schools and businesses. It then proceeded to snow every weekend for about 6 weeks. The boys did what they could but it wasn't pleasant working weather.

I must say, I'm going to be happy we had so much moisture when the flowers are blooming this spring and the reservoirs are approaching their full mark. Much better then anticipating a drought!

The Earthen Plaster Process

Our decision to build with strawbale, centered on its great insulating capability and the fact that 100 years from now, if the house is falling down, all that material is organic and goes back to the earth. My love of the strawbale walls was increased after the earthen plaster was put on. Ryan, our plaster guy extraordinaire, is amazingly talented. He is probably in his late 20s maybe early 30s, but seems like an old world craftsman. He loves what he does and gives the house soul. The base of the plaster is slaked (look it up) lime or gypsum mixed with pigment. We are hoping to use some of the clay from the property to color our walls. The thick walls covered with this beautiful mud has such a rich, warm feeling to them.

I'M Back!

Inspired by my friends Kitt and Barb, I am going to try to catch up with my blog and then keep it up until this project is completed.

Luckily, documenting the construction of our strawbale home doesn't correspond to the actual construction of the house and the boys are making great strides.

In a nutshell: the stawbale walls were completed the end of November; a clay coat of mud was put on the exterior; it started snowing so work had to move inside; the windows were installed; the interior walls have three coats of plaster; it was still snowing; the drywall was hung and taped; the rough electrical and plumbing were completed; the woodwork is now being sanded and finished; the interior doors are waiting to be installed; it's 70 degrees so work is now outside; the standing metal seam roof was installed; the one gutter and downspout was installed; more exterior plaster was done; and decisions about interior and exterior color need to be made. Oh yes, the kitchen cabinets were delivered in February, all the plumbing fixtures arrived and most the lighting is sitting in our very cozy basement. We have also been doing some research on concrete staining and hoping to complete that when Jeff (our very competent builder) gives us the word. Whew!! I'm exhausted and I don't really do any of this.